Revised House Rules Governing the Use of OP-Proper Physical Fitness Center ( Memorandum Order No. 150 )

October 18, 2004

October 18, 2004



The following rules are hereby adopted governing the use of the OP Physical Fitness Center and its equipment:

1. The OP Physical Fitness Center at the 4th Floor of Mabini Building, shall be available for use by authorized OP-Proper officials and employees in accordance with the official schedules approved by the OP Physical Fitness Committee. Generally, the Center shall be open/available for use from Monday to Friday, at 5:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M., varying only in accordance with the approved schedules of individual users or groups of users. CTcSAE

2. The following equipment and fixtures inside the Physical Fitness Center shall be kept in good working condition:

a. Two (2) units Recumbent Bike f. Two (2) sets of Dumbbells
b. Two (2) units Treadmill g. One (1) set of Television
c. One (1) unit Elliptical Edge h. One (1) unit of Water
d. One (1) set Truster with i. One (1) unit of Cordless
  option and accessories   Telephone
e. One (1) set SIS 3 Multistation j. One (1) piece Wall Clock
  with leg option and accessories    

3. Interested officials and employees shall register with the Physical Fitness Committee (PFC), created under Special Order No. 661-01 dated October 16, 2001 and reconstituted under Special Order No. 1128 dated June 16, 2004, through the Career Development and Employees Welfare Service (CDEWS), Personnel Office, which shall be in charge of setting/authorizing practice sessions in the Physical Fitness Center (PFC), and enforcing and monitoring compliance with the requirements, as follows:

a. Malacañang Clinic Certificates/Clearance;

b. Waiver absolving the OP from responsibility for any accidents or injuries to a PFC user during his/her authorized practice schedule; and

c. Proper/prescribed attire, as follows:

 FOR LADIES — Tights, cycling shorts, leggings, jogging pants, leotards and loose t-shirts, socks and rubber shoes.

 FOR GENTLEMEN — Cycling shorts, jogging pants and t-shirt, socks and rubber shoes.

4. The Physical Fitness Committee shall enforce the following rules:

a. Physical Fitness Center (PFC) users shall maintain the cleanliness and hygienic condition of the Center. In this connection, eating, smoking and/or drinking intoxicants inside the Center are strictly prohibited.

b. Officials and employees shall be allowed to use the PFC with prior clearance issued by the Physical Fitness Committee, on the basis of the medical certificate issued by the Malacañang Clinic.

  Although the center is generally open for use from 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., users shall follow their authorized time schedule without extension, transfer or reassignment of said assigned schedules. No alterations/changes shall be allowed without prior authorization by the Physical Fitness Committee.

c. Assistant Secretaries and other senior officials of the OP shall be allowed to use the PFC as previously authorized on the basis of their written request to the CDEWS. Directors and other rank-and-file employees shall be allowed to use the same facility in accordance with approved schedules.

d. Proper care should be observed in the use of the PFC equipment and other facilities. Intentional dropping of weights and other destructive acts are discouraged. Equipment must be used only for the purpose they are intended.

e. Users shall observe silence and proper decorum.

f. Lockers and separate shower rooms for male and female users shall be provided and kept clean and well-maintained.

g. Children and unauthorized individuals are disallowed to enter the PFC.

h. Cabinet Secretaries and Undersecretaries from other agency are permitted to use the PFC with prior written authority by the OP Physical Fitness Committee.

i. Members of the First Family and their guests may use the Physical Fitness Center at anytime without the need of prior written authority by the OP Physical Fitness Committee. IaEACT

5. This amends Memorandum Order No. 58 issued on April 18, 2002.

Manila, October 18, 2004