Release of Manuel A. Roxas Funds ( Memorandum from the Senior Deputy Executive Secretary )

June 15, 2001

June 15, 2001


TO : Secretary Emilia Boncodin, DBM
    Secretary Jose Isidro Camacho, DOF 
SUBJECT : Release of Manuel A. Roxas Funds


Submitted herewith is the attached letter dated 7 April 2001 of Ms. Lina B. Laigo, President of the President Manuel Roxas Foundation (formerly known as the Friends of Roxas, Inc.) requesting the Executive Secretary's assistance to facilitate the release of the Roxas Trust Funds, now amounting to at least P18 million and deposited in escrow at the Bureau of Treasury, for the construction of the Roxas Kalayaan Museum and Library.

Specifically, she is requesting the President to authorize the release of said funds and to authorize the use of said funds through the National Historic Institute (NHI).

As a backgrounder, the Roxas Trust Funds came from the amounts turned over by the Roxas family to the Philippine Government through the Roxas Memorial Commission, for the purpose of funding commemorative projects. The Roxas Memorial Commission was created during the Quirino presidency to raise funds for the construction of memorial buildings. The trust fund is presently held by the Bureau of Treasury under a Trust Receipt. The NHI was later created during the Marcos administration, which absorbed all memorial commissions.

The foundation at present plans to build the Roxas Kalayaan Museum and Library through a Memorandum of Agreement with the NHI which will be funded in part by the aforestated fund, an endowment fund, and other sources. The total cost thereof amount to P80 million. According to Ms. Laigo, they have been negotiating the use of said funds for the last three years.

For your comment and recommendation.

7 April 2001

Executive Secretary Alberto G. RomuloMalacañang PalaceManila

Dear Secretary Romulo,

Greetings from an old friend! It is really good to have you there knowing that you are an action person and a morally upright one too.

I am writing to appeal for the Manuel A. Roxas Foundation (which I am sure you are familiar with), regarding the use of the Roxas Trust Funds for the construction of the Roxas Kalayaan Museum and Library. This was the essence of the letter (copy enclosed) sent by NHI Chair and Executive Director Pablo Trillana III dated March 26, 2001.

1. The Roxas Trust Funds came from the amounts turned over by Doña Trining Roxas to the Philippine Government for purposes of funding commemorative projects;

2. The Funds are deposited with the Bureau of Treasury and now amounts to some PhP18M;

3. The Manuel Roxas Foundation (originally the Friends of Roxas, Inc.), is going to build the Roxas Kalayaan Museum and Library in the designated lot along Roxas Boulevard. The building design and floor plans have already been completed;

4. The Manuel A. Roxas Foundation is a private entity and government money can be used to finance the Foundation's project only if authorized by the President.

5. The Kalayaan Museum and Library is estimated to cost some PhP80M. The rest of the expenses will be coming from an endowment fund of the Foundation and from other sources.

We have been negotiating the use of this money for the past three years now and have done the rounds of consultations including that with DPWH and COA. Finally, we learned that this is the only way we can use the money — with NHI being authorized by the President.

Bert, I sincerely hope you can help facilitate the letter from President Arroyo to NHI for this purpose. The money is available and NHI told us that the money can be used for this purpose with an authorization from the President. Do help us. It would be greatly appreciated.

Meantime, our warm regards,

Very truly yours,

(SGD.) LINA B. LAIGOPresident