Reconstitution of the Negotiating Panel Created to Settle Ownership of US Diplomatic and Consular Area in Fort Bonifacio ( Memorandum Order No. 159 )

January 28, 2005

January 28, 2005


By the virtue of Memorandum Order No. 448 dated 09 October 1997, a Negotiating Panel was created to settle the ownership issue on the ten hectare US diplomatic and consular area in Fort Bonifacio and the establishment of lease arrangements over the same property for US diplomatic and consular housing. DAHaTc

The panel was composed of the following:

 Chairman — Undersecretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs

 Members — Heads or designated representatives of the following offices:

– Office of the Executive Secretary;

– Department of Justice

– Bases Conversion and Development Authority

Said panel was directed to observe the following guidelines:

1. The land in question remains the public domain of the Republic of the Philippines, thus its ownership shall not be subject to negotiation;2005iatdc

2. Negotiations shall be limited to the terms and conditions of the development of the land with duration of the lease arrangements fixed at the shortest time possible; and

3. Arrangements should ensure the most productive use of the property.

In order to protect the interest and the ownership of the Republic of the Philippines on subject consular area, this Office hereby orders the reconstitution of the abovementioned Negotiating Panel, with the understanding that the same (the Panel) shall still be directed and guided by the above mentioned guidelines.

The panel shall submit its report and recommendations to this Office not later than thirty (30) days from its reconstitution.

Manila, January 28, 2005