Implementing the Provisions of the Crisis Management and Security Manual for Overseas Filipinos ( Memorandum Order No. 357 )

April 02, 1996

April 2, 1996



WHEREAS, the Philippine Government has adopted a pro-active policy of protecting and ensuring the security of Filipinos overseas in times of natural and man-made crises;

WHEREAS, the protection of overseas Filipinos was stipulated in the Foreign Service Act of 1952 and Foreign Service Code of 1983 stating that in case of war, rebellion, riots, or imminent danger thereof, the Chief of Mission shall extend all practicable and necessary assistance to Filipinos;

WHEREAS, the Assistance-to-Nationals Task Force (ATN-TF) was created, through Administrative Order No. 182 dated 06 April 1995, to develop and implement among others, an integrated program to address various problems and issues resulting from international migration;

WHEREAS, the ATN-TF has developed a Crisis Management and Security Manual (CMSM) in consultation with relevant agencies to provide the policy framework for effective planning and collaboration among various agencies and sectors in the development and implementation of contingency measures by Philippine diplomatic and consular establishments in times of natural or man-made calamities;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FIDEL V. RAMOS, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

SECTION 1. Implementation of the Provisions of the Crisis Management and Security Manual (CMSM)for Overseas Filipinos. — The CMSM for overseas Filipinos shall be fully implemented by the following agencies, which shall compose the Crisis Management and Security Committee for Overseas Filipinos:

Department of Foreign Affairs : Chairman
Department of Labor and Employment : Co-Chairman
Department of National Defense : Member
Department of Justice : Member
Department of Social Welfare : Member
  and Development    
Department of Health : Member
Department of Education, Culture : Member
  and Sports    
Department of Interior and : Member
  Local Government    
Department of Transportation : Member
  and Communication    
Philippine Overseas Employment : Member
Overseas Workers Welfare : Member
National Bureau of Investigation : Member
Bureau of Immigration : Member
Technical Education and Skills : Member
  Development Authority    
Commission on Human Rights : Member
National Commission on the Role : Member
  of Filipino Women    
Commission on Filipinos Overseas : Member
Office of the President : Member

The government agencies enumerated herein shall designate permanent representatives to the Committee, with a rank not lower than that of an Assistant Secretary, or Directors in the case of Bureaus and Commissions.

The Committee is authorized to call upon any department, bureau, office, agency, or instrumentality of the government, including government owned and controlled corporations, for such assistance as it may need in the discharge of its functions.

SECTION 2. Functions. — The Committee shall perform the following functions:

a. Coordinate and collaborate with appropriate government agencies; non-government organizations, international organizations, and other support groups on matters pertaining to the security and protection of Filipino nationals, as indicated in the Manual;

b. Conduct periodic review of issues and problems affecting the implementation/application of country-specific contingency plans; and

c. Hold regular monthly meetings or, as the need arises, call special meetings to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of policies and programs relevant to the overall Crisis Management and Security Plan.

SECTION 3. Country-Specific Contingency Plan. — The Philippine diplomatic and consular establishments abroad shall formulate country-specific contingency plans which shall be updated on a yearly basis. In host countries where security conditions are critical, the plan shall be updated every six (6) months. The contingency plan shall include, among others, the plan's objectives, an organizational framework for implementation, a description of the country situation, individuals to be involved in the implementation of the plan, contingency scenario and financial requirements.

SECTION 4. Effectivity. — This Memorandum Order shall take effect immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 2nd day of April, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Six.