Formulation of Internal Guidelines on the Beneficiary Selection and Award for the OP Housing in Poblacion, Muntinlupa City ( Memorandum Order No. 163 )

March 16, 2005

March 16, 2005


Pursuant to Proclamation No. 667 dated 12 July 2004, its Implementing Rules and Regulations signed on 16 December 2004, and Special Order No. 118 dated 28 January 2005, the Office of the President Housing Committee (OPHC) is hereby directed to formulate internal guidelines on the beneficiary selection and award for the OP Housing in Poblacion, Muntinlupa City, with the following considerations:

Coverage. The housing project shall cover the following offices:

1. Executive Office (including action units of OES, OSDES Flores, OSDES Lagonera, OSDES for Legal Affairs, ODESLA, ODESGA, ODESFA and Internal Audit);

2. Office of the Chief of Staff/Private Office (including Appointments, Socials, Protocol, IHAO, Museum and Special Assistant to the President);

3. Office of the Presidential Legal Counsel;

4. Office of the Cabinet Officer for Provincial Events;

5. Office of Presidential Consultants, Advisers and Assistants;

6. Office of the Political Adviser (including Office of Political, Coalition Affairs and Office of External Affairs); and

7. Office of the Communications Director (including Office of the Presidential Spokesperson, Correspondence Office and Speech Writers Group). cTEICD

8. Presidential Management Staff (PMS)

Criteria. Employees entitled shall be those who meet all the following criteria:

1. must draw their salaries from covered offices;

2. must be NCR-based, but including those temporarily assigned outside NCR, and detailed to other offices/agencies like COA and PLLO;

3. must be organic (not detailed) to offices covered;

4. must be employed by the covered offices as of 12 July 2004 (date when Proclamation 667 was signed) and onwards; and

5. must use the housing unit for personal residence of his immediate family and not solely for investment purposes. SEIDAC

This Order shall take effect immediately.

Manila, March 16, 2005