Force Protection Measure, A Command Responsibility ( Memorandum Order No. 174 )

May 18, 2005

May 18, 2005



    Chief of Staff, AFP
    General Headquarters, Armed Forces of the Philippines
    Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City


1. The AFP's intensified conduct of Internal Security Operations against the various armed enemies of the State continues to reap significant operational accomplishments that preempted a number of terrorist plans to promote havoc among the populace, thereby preserving peace and order throughout the archipelago. These operations had been carried out with sheer grit, dedication and commitment by our soldiers, but not without the loss of their lives and limbs. STcHDC

2. In my recent visits to the operational areas, our field Commanders expressed their concern over the inadequacy of medical support to our frontline troops. This capability shortfall tends to affect both personnel morale and combat efficiency.

3. I am fully aware of your persistent efforts to introduce meaningful and lasting reforms including the upgrading of our medical services that are badly needed by our fighting men. I share the same drive to provide our troops the much-needed medical support to carry out their individual and collective tasks to maintain peace and stability in the affected areas.

4. There is a need, therefore, to assure our troops that their Commander-in-Chief recognizes their feats and sacrifices by ensuring that adequate Force Protection measures are being enhanced and put in place in order to sustain the conduct of Internal Security Operations. In connection with this, the following guidance should be put in effect immediately:

a. Field Commanders to give special attention to providing adequate medical services in planning for Service Support operations.

b. Enhance the AFP Medical Corps' organization, capability,

facilities and logistical system to support Internal Security

Operations. This should include the availability of both ground and air transportation assets for quick and timely Medical and Air Evacuation.

c. Provide the operating troops sustainable number of combat medical kits, including Blood Plasma, and make available competent medical aidmen at platoon level during combat operations.

5. Moreover, other appropriate Morale and Welfare programs and Troop Information and Education should be instituted to support our soldiers in the field in order to alleviate their long exposure to combat and allow ample respite from the rigors of soldiery and provide them quality time to enjoy with their families. HSIDTE

6. Strict adherence to this Memorandum is expected at all levels of Command.