Extension of Services ( Memorandum from the Acting Executive Secretary )

January 02, 2001



January 2, 2001


FOR : The Honorable
    Secretary Jose Trinidad Pardo
    Department of Finance
SUBJECT : Extension of Services


1. Please be advised that upon your recommendation, the President has APPROVED the extension of services of MR. BENJAMIN A. GERONIMO, Executive Director, Bureau of Local Government Finance [BLGF], Department of Finance [DOF], beyond the compulsory retirement age, for an initial period of six [6] months, effective 09 December 2000 until 09 June 2001.

2. Pursuant to the provisions of Executive Order [EO] No. 136 s. 1999, the services of Mr. Geronimo may be subsequently extended for another six [6] months for exemplary meritorious reasons, upon your request.

Thank you.