Establishing the Boracay Multi-Modal Integrated Transport Program ( Memorandum Order No. 104 )

June 23, 2003

June 23, 2003



WHEREAS, Boracay Island of Caticlan, Malay, Aklan, among others, has been declared as a tourist zone and marine reserve under Proclamation No. 1801 issued on November 10, 1978;

WHEREAS, subsequent government policies and programs to develop and market Boracay Island as a world class tourist destination has resulted in a continuing growth of foreign and local tourist arrivals in the island;

WHEREAS, to ensure and sustain the competitiveness and marketability of Boracay Island as a premier and world class tourist destination, the government must continue to respond to the island's growing needs by providing it with the necessary financial and infrastructure support, particularly in the development of the transport infrastructure in Caticlan, which is the gateway to the island;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

SECTION 1. Boracay Multi-Modal Integrated Transport Program. — The Boracay Multi-Modal Integrated Transport Program [BMITP] for the development of the transport infrastructure in Caticlan is hereby established to ensure and sustain the competitiveness and marketability of Boracay Island as a premier and world class tourist destination. The BMITP shall include:

(a) the conversion and upgrading of the Caticlan Airport, consistent with international standards;

(b) the construction of the Caticlan roll-on roll-off port to meet envisaged international/domestic tourist sea traffic; and

(c) Other related infrastructure and equipment complementing the intended multi-modal transport system in the area.

SECTION 2. Primary Oversight Functions. — The Secretary of Tourism is hereby directed to exercise primary oversight functions over the BMITP to oversee and monitor the effective and efficient implementation of the Program.

SECTION 3. BMITP Project Office. — A BMITP Project Office shall be established under the Philippine Tourism Authority [PTA] as a special program management unit to assist the Secretary of Tourism in his functions pursuant to this Order. The BMITP Project Office shall be composed of a Program Director, representing the PTA and a Deputy Program Director representing the Department of Transportation and Communications [DOTC].

The BMITP Project Office shall have the following functions:

(a) Plan, implement and oversee the operational details and administrative arrangements necessary for the effective and efficient implementation of the BMITP consistent with the principles of transparency and accountability;

(b) Prepare and finalize details and administrative arrangements, and secure appropriate clearances, permits and licenses necessary for the implementation of the Caticlan international airport and seaport development;

(c) Implement and/or coordinate with various components of the development program, including financing, physical implementation and supervision thereof;

(d) Conduct meetings, coordination and request for support and assistance from concerned agencies, government-owned or controlled corporations, local government units, regional development councils, private organizations and individuals for the attainment of the Program's objectives;

(e) Prepare monthly accomplishment reports to the Office of the President, the Department of Tourism [DOT] and the DOTC on the status of the projects under the BMITP; and

(f) Perform and execute such other duties as the President or the Secretary of Tourism may direct from time to time.

SECTION 4. Assistance. — The Secretary of Tourism and the BMITP Project Office may call upon the DOTC, the Department of Finance, the Department of Budget and Management [DBM], the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the National Economic and Development Authority, the Air Transportation Office, the Philippine Ports Authority [PPA], and any other agency of the Government for such assistance as may be necessary in the performance of their functions. All heads of departments, agencies, bureaus, offices, including government-owned or controlled corporations, are hereby enjoined to render full assistance and cooperation to the Secretary of Tourism and the BMITP Project Office and provide such information and data as may be required to carry out their functions pursuant to this Order.

SECTION 5. Liaison with Regional and Local Governments. — The Governor of Aklan shall act as liaison with the concerned regional and local government units in connection with the implementation of the program by the BMITP.

SECTION 6. Funding. — The DBM Secretary shall regularly release the allotments and disbursement authority intended for projects under the BMITP, as authorized in the General Appropriations Act, covering both loan proceeds and local counterpart funds, and from the budgets of the PTA, the DOTC, the ATO and the PPA.

SECTION 7. Internal Audit. — An internal auditor for the BMITP shall be designated by the Office of the President. Such internal auditor shall have the duty, among others, of reviewing and checking the disbursements made from the proceeds of applicable loan agreements, the Philippine Government counterpart funds and the various agency funds. The internal auditor shall report to and shall be under the supervision of the DBM Secretary.

SECTION 8. Repealing Clause. — All executive issuances, rules and regulations or parts thereof which are inconsistent with this Memorandum Order are hereby repealed, amended, or modified accordingly.

SECTION 9. Effectivity. — This Memorandum Order shall take effect immediately.

City of Manila, June 23, 2003