Disbandment of Task Force Amihan ( Memorandum Order No. 1-A )

June 30, 1998

June 30, 1998


SUBJECT : Disbandment of Task Force Amihan

1. References: Executive Order No. 3 dated July 7, 1992

    Executive Order No. 221 dated Jan. 23, 1995

   Administrative Order No. 219 dated Oct. 4, 1995

   Executive Order No. 434 dated August 20, 1997

   PACC SO. No. 98-06 dated 15 April 1998.

2. In the interest of public service, Task Force Amihan is hereby disbanded and all its personnel shall be returned to their mother units/offices or to their last unit assignments prior to their detail with the Commission. Likewise all equipment used by Task Force Amihan which are not organic with the Commission shall be returned to the persons/offices owning such.

3. Cases being handled by Task Force Amihan and all records including evidences that are in its possession shall be turned-over to the Executive Officer of the Commission for proper disposition.

4. This Memorandum Order takes effect July 1, 1998.

5. For strict compliance.