Creation of the Municipality of Semirara, Antique ( Batas Pambansa Blg. 335 )

February 09, 1983

February 9, 1983



SECTION 1. There shall be created the Municipality of Semirara in the Province of Antique out of all barangays and sitios in the Islands of Semirara, Nagubat and Libagao, Province of Antique, and the surrounding areas as described in Section 3 hereof, which are hereby detached and separated from the present Municipality of Caluya, Province of Antique, and to form and constitute a distinct and independent municipality: Provided, That this Act shall not affect the legal existence of the Municipality of Caluya as such. casia

SECTION 2. The seat of the municipal government of the newly created municipality shall be in Barangay Semirara, Island of Semirara.

SECTION 3. The technical description of the territorial jurisdiction of the Municipality of Semirara shall be as follows:

"The municipality shall include the areas bounded by the following coordinates: On the southwest corner 1 with latitude 11º 57' 00" and longitude 121º 18' 00", thence north to corner 2 with latitude 12º 09' 11" and longitude 121º 18' 00", thence northeast to corner 3 with latitude 12º 14' 00", and longitude 121º 25' 00", then east to corner 4 with latitude 12º 14' 00" and longitude 121º 27' 00", thence south to corner 5 with latitude 11º 57' 00", and longitude 121º 27' 00", thence west to corner 1, covering the islands of Semirara, Nagubat, and Libagao as per Philippine Coast and Geodetic Chart No. 2518, Edition 2, March 1974."

SECTION 4. The municipal government officials of the Municipality of Semirara, their qualifications, salaries, emoluments, compensation and/or allowances shall be in accordance with rates as provided for by existing laws. Appointments of appointive officials shall be governed by existing laws.

SECTION 5. Except as hereinafter provided all provisions of law, now or hereafter applicable to regular municipalities shall be applicable to the new Municipality of Semirara. acd

SECTION 6. Upon the effectivity of this Act, the proportionate share of the Municipality of Semirara in the obligations, funds, assets and other property of the Municipality of Caluya duly appertaining to the former shall be transferred to and be borne by the Municipality of Semirara as determined by the Commission on Audit and approved by the President of the Philippines.

SECTION 7. Within the period of thirty (30) days after the approval of this Act, the President shall appoint the first mayor and other officials of the Municipality of Semirara.

SECTION 8. This Act shall take effect upon its approval. cd i

Approved: February 9, 1983 (P.B. No. 2877)

Published in the Official Gazette, Vol. 79 No. 52 Page 7541 on December 26, 1983.