Communication and Reporting Procedures ( Memorandum Order No. 319 )

November 07, 1995

November 7, 1995


TO : The Head, Presidential Management Staff and Cabinet Secretariat
SUBJECT : Communication and Reporting Procedures


Unless otherwise specifically instructed by the President, effective immediately, you are hereby directed to observe the following:

1. All communications and reports prepared by the Presidential Management Staff (PMS) and the Cabinet Secretariat for the President's information, consideration and approval should be coursed through the Executive Secretary.

2. Except for routine indorsements, all outgoing PMS and Cabinet Secretariat official communications addressed to the Cabinet members and heads of Presidential and Constitutional offices involving Cabinet decisions and other matters arising therefrom should be signed by the Executive Secretary.

3. The proposed Cabinet Agenda should be submitted to the Executive Secretary for clearance at least three days before the scheduled Cabinet meeting prior to submission to the President. SCaDAE

This Order supersedes all previous issuances inconsistent herewith.