Amendments to M.C. No. 39 (November 2, 1987) ( Memorandum Circular No. 39-A )

January 19, 1988

January 19, 1988



There is hereby created two (2) technical committees separately known as the Technical Committee on Waste Management and the Technical Committee on Livelihood to assist the Presidential Task Force on Waste Management in the research, review and evaluation of an integrated plan for solid waste management and a viable alternative program for scavengers. DCScaT

The respective compositions of the aforesaid technical committees are as follows:

I. Technical Committee on Waste Management

Chairman : Eduardo G. Padero
    Acting Executive Director
    Environmental Sanitation Center -
    Metro Manila Commission
Members : Nonito F. Fano
    Chief Engineer
    Department of Public Works and Highways
    Librado F. Quitoriano
    Supervising Engineer
    National Economic and Development Authority
    Enrico B. Garcia
    Supervising Engineer
    Department of Transportation and Communications
    J. Salvador T. Passe, Jr.
    Solid Waste Management Program
    Environmental Management Bureau
    Marissa David
    Special Studies in Solid Waste
    Department of Environment and
    Natural Resources
    Prospero Mendoza
    Supervising Civil Engineer
    City of Manila
    Joel Valdes
    Senior Manager
    Development Bank of the Philippines
    Pablo R. Imperio
    Sanitary Engineer
    Department of Health
    Guillerma B. Reyes
    Supervising Presidential Staff Officer
    Presidential Management Staff

2. Technical Committee on Livelihood

Chairman : Rita F. Roque
    Regional Director, NCR
    Department of Public Works and Highways
Members : Rolando B. Atienza
    Head, Economic Services Unit
    Presidential Commission for Urban Poor
    Eufemia C. Mendoza
    Senior Manager
    Development Bank of the Philippines
    Pablo R. Imperio
    Sanitary Engineer
    Department of Health
    Rosita G. Leodones
    Manager, Livelihood Development Department
    National Housing Authority
    Vivencio de Andres
    Chief, Special Projects Division
    Department of Labor and Employment
    Maria Luisa C. Bayani
    Assistant to the Social Welfare Officer
    City of Manila
    Apolinar Larin
    Coordinator, Socio-Economic Projects
    Institute for the Protection of Children
    Emma Laforteza
    Executive Assistant
    Philippine Business for Social Progress
    Charito R. Elegir
    Assistant Director
    Presidential Management Staff
    Consuelo A. Regino
    Chief, Metro Manila Commission
    Loreto Cabanos
    National Economic and Development Authority

3. The aforesaid members of the technical committees are expected to work overtime and beyond their normal functions to meet the objectives of the Task Force as provided in Memorandum Circular No. 39 dated November 2, 1987.

4. In consideration of the above and subject to the availability of funds and the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations, the aforementioned members of the technical committees and the secretariat to be tapped are hereby entitled to a reasonable honorarium chargeable to the savings of the Presidential Management Staff. IDCHTE

5. This Memorandum Circular shall take effect immediately.

Manila, January 19, 1988.