Amendments to C.A. No. 141 (Public Land Act) ( Batas Pambansa Blg. 878 )

June 09, 1985

June 9, 1985



 Section One hundred seven of Commonwealth Act Numbered One hundred forty-one, otherwise known as The Public Land Act, as amended, is further amended to read as follows:

"Sec. 107. All patents or certificates for land granted under this Act shall be prepared in the Bureau of Lands and shall be issued in the name of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines under the signature of the President of the Philippines: Provided, however, That the President of the Philippines may delegate to the Minister of Natural Resources and/or the Deputy Minister the power to sign patents or certificates covering lands not exceeding one hundred forty-four hectares in area: Provided, further, That the Director of Lands is empowered to sign patents or certificates covering lands not exceeding ten hectares, and District Land Officers in every province are hereby empowered to sign patents or certificates covering lands not exceeding six hectares in area when the Office of the District Land Officer is properly equipped to carry out the purposes of this Act: Provided, furthermore, That no applicant shall be permitted to split the area applied for by him in excess of the area fixed in this Section among his relatives within the sixth degree of consanguinity of affinity excepting the applicant's married children who are actually occupying the land: Provided, finally, That copies of said patents shall be furnished the Bureau of Lands for record purposes. No patent or certificate shall be issued by the District Land Officer unless the survey of the land covered by said patent or certificate, whether made by the Bureau of Lands or by private surveyor, has been approved by the Director of Lands. The Director of Lands shall promptly act upon all surveys submitted to him for approval and return the same to the District Land Officer within ninety days after receipt of such surveys by his Office. The Director of Lands shall state the reasons for any action taken by him thereon. It shall be the duty of the District Land Officer to act on the matter or transmit the records of the case, with his action thereon, to interested parties within thirty days after receipt of the records from the Director of Lands or the Regional Director. Any person aggrieved by the decision or action of the District Land Officer may, within thirty days from receipt of the copy of the said decision, appeal to the Director of Lands. Such patents or certificates shall be effective only for the purposes defined in Section One hundred twenty-two of the Land Registration Act, and actual conveyance of the land shall be effected only as provided in said Section.

"All surveys pending approval by the Director of Lands at the time this Act takes effect shall be acted upon by him within ninety days from the effectivity of this Act."

SECTION 2. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: July 9, 1985 acd

Published in the Official Gazette, Vol. 81 No. 35 Page 3821 on September 2, 1985.